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January 13


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Welcome, welcome! I'm sure you've all been waiting very patiently, yes? Or impatiently. Gomen if you waited impatiently. I hope none of you went on a murderous rampage to pass the time while I thought these through.

Now there are just a few things I want to say before I announce the results.

:bulletred: I was judging characters on many things. Art style has nothing to do with who get chosen over others, so please don't assume that it was the biggest factor. No, what mattered to me the most was the following:

- the character's personality: did they seem interesting to me? Could I see potential on what could be expanded about the character in this doujinshi?

- how the character interacts with others: integration is the most important thing! What can also bring out a character's qualities is the way they interact with those around them. That's why I really wanted to see people talk about relations within their own subject... and I am big on dynamics.

- what is it about them that I'd want to give them more screentime in this story: do I see them contributing heavily to major plot points? Could they possibly have their own interesting subplots? Maybe they could add strongly onto the plots between the already integrated characters? That sort of thing is somehow I wanted to strongly consider, because it's not just about fitting them into the AU, but figuring out how they participate within the AU.

:bulletorange: Just because your character isn't announced as one of the 'stand-outs' or is more towards the middle of the pack...

- it doesn't mean that I dislike you or your character

- it doesn't mean your entry was bad

- because seriously, there were no 'bad entries'

:bulletyellow: In fact, I was actually really happy with the entries I got for my contest as a whole! Many of you have impressed me... I will say it now: Mall Dweller OC entrants, give yourself a major pat on the back. With less to work with compared to the Class Dwellers, you guys did fantastically. But that's not to say there weren't Class Dweller OCs that I really liked.

:bulletgreen: Please don't go asking me questions about why I chose or didn't choose an OC as a stand-out or whatever. It's not a discussion I want to have. See the orange bullet point, okay?

:bulletblue: Remember what I said about the character limits. Country Maximum is 3, including my own OCs of whatever the countries are. Any other kind of OC gets a 1 character maximum. That doesn't mean I'm going to accept the OC though, I just didn't want to have so many OCs of a particular country and leave other countries looking blank.




Every single OC gets to exist in the world of Elementary. Yup. You heard me. So even if your character isn't 'accepted' as a notable character, you'll probably see your design used as a background character or something. Remember that Elementary is a society and thus there'll be numerous faces - Lovino definitely won't be meeting up with each and every character, you know! But I'll try and give every character a line or two, lmao.

So yeah, that's good news number one!


Now these are the characters I have chosen to accept! These characters will get dialogue, get interaction with others, maybe contribute to a subplot or maybe even a main plot!


:iconlittle-red-coat: * Puerto Rico / Maritza
:iconpoi-rozen: * Belize / Nicolao
:iconmiistessa: * Venezuela / Carla
:iconflopylopez: * Argentina / Agustina
:iconlkeiko: * Honduras / Ana
:iconneehima: * Costa Rica / Vanessa
:icontunsem: * Uruguay / Maximiliano
:iconx-i-l2048: * Costa Rica / Pacifica
:iconnerdyjones: * Mexico / Raquel
:iconrussane: * Nicaragua / Jose
:iconx-i-l2048: * Nicaragua / Luis
:iconlkeiko: * Guatemala / Iztali
:icona-rtificialheart: * Costa Rica / Jose (in this AU, he shall be referred to as Jo)
:iconkamillyanna: * Panama / Maria
:iconnorie-tan: * Guatemala / Hermano
:iconlkeiko: * El Salvador / Angel


:iconpoi-rozen: * Vikesland / Ted
:iconadventvera16: * Spratly Islands / Yasmin
:iconkirinkv: * Timor Leste / Mirari
:iconartizonial: * Redonda / Nina


:iconfu-tatsu: * British Columbia / Alexis
:iconangelliyesmadirector: * Tuguegarao City / Aideen
:iconprettyangel93: * Florence / Florenza


:iconmerujii: * San Marino / Luciana
:iconjasminocat: * New Siberian Islands / Nikita
:iconcookiekrio: * San Marino / Sofia
:iconangelliyesmadirector: * Metro Manila / Felicita


:iconpoi-rozen: * Greenland / Aputsiaq
:iconsymphano: * Sicily / Rosalia
:icontwerkomatic: * Arkansas / Isabel
:iconsigalawin: * Manila / Jose (he shall be referred to as Ricardo in this AU)
:iconnorthmoonalaska: * Alaska / Sedna
:iconadannaya: * Andorra / Camille
:iconaph-slovenija: * Republika Srpska / Lejla


:iconms-regionnaire: * Sicily / Elvira
:iconanimafreak0714: * Owen Sound / Julia
:iconthe-alternate-rocker: * Niue / Maiga


:iconaph-repblicofireland: * Ireland / Aisling
:iconprojectsakuramagic: * Philippines / Amihan
:iconarivetti: * Sochi / Vera
:iconcolors-of-fire: * Indonesia / Kirana
:iconartizonial: * North Korea / Kyung Soo
:iconmelodic-enigma: * Israel / Shira
:iconneehima: * Macedonia / Emilija
:iconokamitsume: * Croatia / Tamara (but her role is going to be super secret! She won't be with this set of Class Dwellers at first, I'll put it like that)
:iconadannaya: * Montenegro / Annica


:iconyurri1234: * Paris / Fleur
:iconlullabydance: * Leipzig / Josef
:iconnorie-tan: * Faroe Islands / Eydis


I've decided not to announce the specific characters who are the stand-outs. Of course, if a username is mentioned here and they only did one or two entries, then you could probably take a guess at which OC it is, lol.

But these are the entrants whose OC/s I see potential with and want to expand more on, who are more likely to be contributing to the plots in this doujinshi! Each of them will be given 5 points, ahaha-- (sorry but I couldn't settle on a top 5, so I hope you don't mind this! quq)

so here is the list!

:iconlittle-red-coat: :iconpoi-rozen: :iconms-regionnaire:
:iconadventvera16: :iconmiistessa: :iconaph-repblicofireland:
:iconprojectsakuramagic: :iconmerujii: :iconcolors-of-fire:
:iconflopylopez: :iconlkeiko: :icontunsem:
:iconx-i-l2048: :iconnerdyjones: :iconartizonial:
:iconcookiekrio: :icontwerkomatic: :iconmelodic-enigma:
:iconsigalawin: :iconkirinkv: :iconnorthmoonalaska:
:iconokamitsume: :iconadannaya: :iconkamillyanna: :iconnorie-tan:

all in all, really great job, you guys! Congratulations to everyone and thanks so much for joining my contest! Who knows, maybe I'll open another contest later in the year... :iconheplz:

Gonna start my doujinshi sometime after I return home! (which will happen in less than 24 hours, ahaha)
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Melodic-Enigma Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ohmygosh, thank you so much for including my OC! <333 I'm super excited for this doujin, and I can't wait to see how some of these characters are integrated! :iconkiligplz:
lupang-hinirang Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014
you're welcome, dearie! I look forward to showing it too!
ProjectSakuraMagic Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
/squeals like a madman > 777777777< )
I didn't thinkyou'd like her, I'm happy I got a place > v< ~
lupang-hinirang Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014
yuuuup, you sure did! :D
Yurri1234 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist
*heavy inhuman breathing* *completely speechless*


*starts dancing about room excitedly* 
lupang-hinirang Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014
you're welcome, dearie! :D
Yurri1234 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist
Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] I'm so excited to see where this doujin goes and how canon and OC's react to each other!!! I wish you the best of luck in making this and thank you again!!!
X-I-L2048 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
*inhuman screeching noises* M-my Luis and Pacifica both got in! :iconshockplz: And I got a stand-out OC(s?), to boot! :iconinloveplz: Ah, thank you so much for accepting them, hon! :glomp: Thank you for the points as well. :thanks:

I can't wait until you officially start the doujinshi! :iconexciteplz:
lupang-hinirang Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
Yup, they sure did! I was really impressed with both OCs-- and I look forward to starting the doujinshi soon! :D
X-I-L2048 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm glad you liked them!:iconblshplz: :highfive:
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