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January 1


6 (who?)
THE CONTEST IS OVER - The extension deadline is done and no more extensions have been granted. So forgive me, but I'll be clearing the folder of the WIP entries, because I cannot judge those. ^^;


Now, thank you so much for everyone who did enter! I must say I was really impressed with a lot of the entries.

Let me make something very clear though: just because I helped with your entries and was positive in my feedback doesn't mean I've really taken to the character and want to use your character as a notable member of the cast. Many characters will get a role though, and get panels where they say stuff, but some will of course become more central to the plot than others. Please don't take offense to this, but I'm working with such a large cast that's already got a lot to 'em already, so integrating a new set is gonna be tough work.

I'll make the big announcement about the results sometime after the 5th of January though, so please look forward to it! So um, let's take a moment to appreciate all the [completed] entries! (I know some are incomplete but the incomplete ones are by people among the extension granted group)

1. Elementary Contest  Maritza Carmen De Soto by Little-Red-Coat

2. Elementary AU Entry- Belize by poi-rozen

3. Contest Entry Retry by angelliyesmadirector

4. Elementary AU Entry - Greenland by poi-rozen

5. Elementary AU Entry- Vikesland by poi-rozen

6. Elementary AU Entry - Sicily by ms-regionnaire

7. Elementary AU Entry - Spratly Islands by adventvera16

8. Elementary AU!Venezuela by Miistessa

9. ELEMENTARY - IRELAND by APH-RepblicOfIreland

10. OC Contest Entry by ProjectSakuraMagic

11. Elementary Paris 4 by Yurri1234


13. Contest Entry: Antarctica by NadjaGreen

14. Elementary Contest Entry: Leipzig by LullabyDance

15. aph-elementary AU app [Sochi City] by arivetti

16. APH Elementary Contest Entry: Indonesia by Colors-of-Fire

17. APH Elementary Contest Entry: New Siberian Islands by JasminoCat

18. APH Elementary: British Columbia by fu-tatsu

19. APH Elementary [Contest Entry] by FlopyLopez

20. Entry No. 2 by angelliyesmadirector

21. Elementary AU Entry: Ana Sophia Guaymuras Sanchez by LKeiko

22. Owen Sound ELEMENTARY ENTRY by AnimaFreak0714

23. Elementary AU OC Contest Entry- Costa Rica by NeeHima

24. APH Elementary OC Contest: Philippines by E-CHAN12

25. APH Elementary [Contest Entry] by TUNSEM

26. APH Elementary Contest Entry: Costa Rica by X-I-L2048

27. Elementary Contest Entry: Manila by KiriNKV

28. APH Elementary (( Contest Entry )) by NerdyJones

29. APH Elementary Contest Entry- Sicily by Symphano

30. APH Elementary Contest Entry: Florence by prettyangel93

31. :thumb422497558:

32. [ Contest Entry ] Elementary AU by cookiekrio

33. Elementary OC Contest: Arkansas by twerkOmatic

34. Entry No. 3- Metro Manila by angelliyesmadirector

35. APH Elementary Contest Entry: Nicaragua by X-I-L2048

36. Elementary AU CE: Israel by Melodic-Enigma

37. Elementary Contest Entry - Manila by sigalawin

38. Elementary Contest Entry 2: Timor by KiriNKV


39. Elementary AU Entry- Manila by HatofulHato

40. APH Contest entry Croatia by OkamiTsume

41. CE :: Elementary AU :: by NorthMoonAlaska

42. Elementary AU OC Contest Entry- Macedonia by NeeHima

43. Elementary AU Entry: Iztali Samuel by LKeiko

44. :thumb424475335:

45. Elementary AU OC Contest Entry: Niue by the-Alternate-Rocker

46. Contest Entry: Elementary - Panama by kamillyanna

47. Elementary Contest Entry - Andorra by Adannaya

48. Elementary Contest Entry - Montenegro by Adannaya

49. CE: Costa Rica by A-rtificialHeart

50. APH Elementary Contest Entry: Faroe Islands by Norie-tan

51. Republika Srpska APH Elementary Contest Entry by APH-Slovenija (please make sure it is submitted to the group, but thankfully I noticed the entry before time was up!)

52. APH Elementary Contest Entry: Guatemala by Norie-tan

53. Elementary AU: Angel Salvador Santiago by LKeiko

54. [APH] OC Contest- This guy by Russane

Please go and admire all the entries and give all of them love! <3 I'd already seen a lot of people comment on others' entries, which was really neat to see. It means y'all are getting into the spirit of things, right? SO THAT IS AWESOME. <3

Look forward to posting the results! And thanks again! <3



btw a confession: the advertising part of the rules wasn't so much a necessity, but a personal test to see how many people would actually read everything I write, pfff. It's amazing how much people don't read. It's not something I'm actually judging on contest-wise though. It was just me testing you peeps for the hell of it.


but wow, 53 entries compared to the 66 people who faved the journal? Not bad, not bad at all. ;u;

By the way, I am so fucking relieved I asked for character nicknames because ALL THE MALE OCS WITH THE NAME JOSE OMFG yeah guys you are doomed to your nicknames
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X-I-L2048 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, over fifty entries! :icondragonwant: lol - That's why I purposefully chose a less-common name than Jose for Nicaragua. XD Well, that and Luis means "famous fighter" so. :iconhappywoonaplz:

:iconshockplz: I thought I would get rejected if I didn't do that journal entry! It was in the rules! Jeez, if I'd have known... =_=
lupang-hinirang Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
(( IKR? So many. And yeah, I'm kinda thankful to the OCs with more unique names, ahaha. Luis is a neat name! XD

lol, it was more of a rule to help advertising-- XD gomen-- ))
X-I-L2048 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank. UvU
LKeiko Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol, isn't it common knowledge that Jose's are super common/popular? Along with Juans, Carlos (luckily Cub is canon = 7 = ) etc.

Still, I'm glad this went well. Good luck judging~!

53? Your going to need it XD
lupang-hinirang Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
(( yeeeep, Jose/Juan are really popular. All the male Philippines OCs seem to be called Juan, lol (though my nyo!philippines is juan marcelo de los santos and i prefer to have him called 'Marcelo')


and thanks, gosh, it will be tough ))
LKeiko Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Marcelo sounds just right XD

Nicknames it is then~!
APH-Slovenija Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
((omgg sorry the wifi at my home just died before I could submit it to the group
luckily you saw it!))
lupang-hinirang Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
(( it's okay! I'm just glad I found it, cuz it could have been a problem for you if I hadn't. But still, I could at least see the date of submission~ uvu ))
Russane Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
:iconcannotevenplz: I knew Josť was a little too popular-
Well- / slapped
lupang-hinirang Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
(( lmao yeah it is

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